My Wellness

My wellness is an app developed by the fitness equipment manufacturer TechoGym in order to help the gym staff connect their customers online. They take pride on being the first company to provide smart solution for managing customer's lifestyle and make the business more profitable.

As I started frequently going to a gym that's equipped with the newest TechnoGym products, one of the instructors mentioned that i would be useful for them if we start using it, so I decided to try it out.

My first impression was that the app could be helpful, but it took me quite a while to understand how to use it and what are the advantages. I saw an opportunity to majorly increase the user experience and create a more inspirational interface so i decided to create a redesign concept and share it with the MyWellness team.

Timeline: 1 week

Preliminary Research

App Audit - Aiming to gain insight on all the value Mywellness app brings to the table to the curent users, I started mapping out all the features existent in the current app.

What I noticed is that there are a few main features which have more entry points under different names.

Looking at their presentation website, we can notice the company puts more focus on the benefits provided to the business, as in the gym, and not on the end customer.

Current app screens
App map


The main goal is to restructure the information in a way that makes more sense for the end users. I've decided to put more proeminence on the tab that 'Starts' the workout to encourage the users to log their workouts more often.

One feature that I think it's needed is the creations of custom workouts. Many people plan each day of their workout in advance, having the so called 'Leg days' or 'Chest days'. The amount of exercises existing the app allows this feature to be possible without extra effort.

Nano user testing

After the completion of the wireframes I decided to create a prototype and use it for a nanousability testing. The user that tested the app fits the second persona. His task was to try and track his workout usign the app. Watching him trying to do the task, he seemed to do well, with a few exceptions caused by the limitations of a prototype. The main problem ientified was that the views looked somehow similar, for example, they display of the 'done' exercies was similar to the section where you choose exerciese.

This nano usuability testing was a confimation that the prototype is in the right direction, and that the potential users will find the new features useful.

Interface Design

Based on the wireframes and the feedback from user testing I preceeded to redesign the user interface. For the visual style, I kept the brand colors of My Wellness and Technogym, black and yellow but their usage became more evident in differnt views. To optimize the readlibity, I changed the original font to the default iOS font, San Francisco.

Now, when a user opens the app, he will be greeted with a view showing his progress which will give him more motiation to work out.

UI/UX Design
Concept Development