Vizgu is danish startup that wishes to enhance your personal experience on museum and art galleries. The app features an intelligent image recognition system that allows the user to scan the artwork and discover information curated by professionals.

My role was to redesign two legacy platforms, web and mobile, improving the overall usability and visual appeal of the brand as well as to deliver new features. This while working in a co-creation proccess together with the founders and participating museums, remotely, from opposite parts of Europe.

The mobile app

The Vigzu mobile app is targeted to art lovers who want to discover more details about the artwork that got their attention. My goal was to create a experience for the user that presents him all the details in a way that is very easy to see and understand, without distracting them from the live experience.

The design featured in this case represents the most recent redesign of the app but has at it’s base a design collaboration started in 2016 and a lot of user testing done on the previous verions.

Artwork Views
Musem View & News View
Collection of mobile screens

The desktop app

The Vigzu desktop app plays the role of a collection creator. Here the museums can upload and organize their art collections.

Museum professionals can see insights about their audience, their visit time and favourite art pieces into their dashboard, allowing them for a better curation of the exhibitions.

Vizgu Creator Collection View
Vizgu Creator Artwork View

UI Animations

Part of my work for vizgu was exploring diffent options for animations to bring delight into the user experience

Intro Animation
User Interface Design
Web Design
Motion Design