We Do Wood

We Do Wood is on a mission to create sustainable furniture using bamboo as the prime material for their long-lasting products.  As a Danish company, their furniture has a Scandinavian minimal and innovative design. 

Their problem is the low information consumers have about furniture manufacturing processes which are usually unsustainable and about the benefits of bamboo. Given this, they came to us with the challenge of creating an effective digital concept that will connect with people’s minds & hearts and generate more interest in their mission.

The proccess

We started working on this challenge by researching their market and buyer habits. After we got a good understanding of these two we were able to create personas, user scenarios, and a brand positioning graph.

WDW Audience - people who want their furniture to be special and understand the environmental challenge we’re facing.

Most of them have small children and like to share photos of their children and furniture. A part of the audience is seniors who buy the furniture pieces as a valuable gift for the grown-up children.

Positioning - Even though We Do Wood has a lot of competition in the design side of the business, it’s hard to find competitors that share the same values as them. This positions them as first movers in the bamboo furniture industry.

Market Positioning

#The solution

a. SoMe Campaign - We Do Memories

We Do Memories (WDM) is meant to enhance the customer’s experience by incorporating fun element to the existing customer journey – a SoMe contest where participants are encouraged to share their personal stories about a certain piece of furniture that has a special place in their life (e.g. furniture inherited from several generations). The contest is suggested to be implemented on Instagram and Facebook, as these are the most used social media platforms by the target group.

b. New Online Identity

The new online identity is focused on telling the story behind the furniture and the impact of using bamboo as the main material has on climate change.  As bamboo is not a known material we had to focus on educating the public on its benefits. Another main goal during the redesign was creating a style that fits a high-quality brand and fits with the brand positioning. 

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