Induo is a subscription-based nutritional supplement company with the mission to create personalized supplements adapted to your real needs. Each month you will receive recommendations for your pack which is uniquely made for you based or a range of different specifics such us your activity habits, age, lifestyle, geographical information and time of the year, previous experience and much more.  I was contacted by the Induo team in order to create a visual concept for their online identity.

Visual Design

It took a couple of variations to get to the right feeling that both I and the Induo brand were envisioning for their identity.   Inspired by natural ingredients used in the induo supplements, we decided to use and organic like pattern and textures of recycled paper. To adapt the brand with this change, the team decided to also change the packaging from white envelopes to recycled paper envelopes. To complement the branded induo green, I added a secondary color on the - a low saturated orange. 

Pattern explorations

Mobile first

The current analytics Induo has more than half of their sessions are coming from mobile devices, so we opted for a mobile-first design strategy. This helped us make the most out of each content line, prioritize only the important information and stip down any unnecessary elements. 

Product page
Cart and content page views


The dashboard is fully customized and user-friendly so that any customer will have no problem understanding his induo insights, even if he's a data lover or a storytelling kind of person. 

Dashboard Views
Icon set
User Interface Design
Motion Design
Visual Design