Hydration and optimal nutrition have become of the top problems people have nowadays. 

What we came up with is a quite revolutionary concept for an infusion bottle that uses the latest technology to keep you hydrated and to inform you about your daily vitamin intake. This project was completed as for an exam in Print Production Class in a 5 days timeline together with a couple of colleagues from BAAA. This work represents my contribution to the project.

As part of the advertising campaing we created a concept brand - revive - and some promotional products for it: a website. poster, a brochure, and stationery.

The website and brochure that will come with the bottle will be used to educate the user about the product and what can be done with it, but also to make the customers socially engage with the brand. The posters will be placed in key points fo the city in order to create brand awareness.

Logo exploration
Final Logo
Final Logo
Style Guide
Brochure Cover
Brochure Pages
Visual Design
Concept Development